Intuitive Mind Solutions would like to introduce you to the world of Omari Healing. What is Omari Healing anyway one might ask” It is a technique founded by a very wonderful and amazing woman who we call Nancy and it is very unique if I say so myself. Omari Healing is a combination of many things that combine to form something wonderful. It incorporates principles of many spiritual healing methods, horoscope readings, tarot and angel card readings, reiki, Tai chi Healing, Bio Energy and Biopsychology, creating energetic and physical continuity with oneself, number analysis, chakra balancing, nutritional consulting and even crystal healing. She combines all of this knowledge in her guidance to help one connect back to themselves. She is a wonderful empathetic person who connects deeply to the people she guides. I am very grateful to have had to pleasure to work with such a wonderful person and I am honored to be a part of her life and her mission to help bring Omari Healing to the world. She not only is a beautiful person inside and out, she is a beautiful example of someone who is always pursing to become the best version of herself. She inspires me everyday to do the same. She’s always honest about what she feels and what she thinks. Sometimes things she says may not be the easiest to hear, but it is said always with good intentions and your well being in mind. Under the guidance of Omari Healing you will always feel listened to, taken care of and you will be given insight into another world of possibilities. So if you would like to be guided into another way of thinking and feeling then I recommend you to connect with Omari Healing and see where the possibilities can lead you.

Dr. Matthew Breske,
Founder of Center Point Meditation
Director of Intuitive Mind Solutions

Intuitive Mind Solutions is a visionary business that is helping to spread Center Point Meditation globally as well as other intuitive modalities. We are also in the business to help support all other intuitive ideas that can make the world a better place for the future generations. We are here to support anyone that wants to pursue their intuitive ideas and give them a safe environment to spread their wings. Everyone in the world has a unique gift that can benefit the future of this planet. Our mission is to help find the gifted people that were destined to change the world. We will support the unorthodox, unconventional and alternative innovations that are overlooked by mainstream culture or are yet to be discovered. We are idealists at its fullest and we will continue to be until the world sees the true power that human potential possesses.

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